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The Gamify Story

Gamify inc. is made up of teachers and coders.

About Founder, Kurt Olson

Kurt Olson is an instructor at Modesto Junior College in California. Kurt is a former swim coach who found that playing games while under strenuous training conditions allowed for athletes to achieve higher levels of performance while smiling and having fun. Through research, it turns out that gamification and play is effective in academia as well, if not under-utilized.

About Gamify Inc.

After pairing up with a coder and avid independent game developer Gamify was born. Gamify is currently in the business of designing custom instructional games for higher education, anything from small to large adventure role playing adventure games. If you have an idea for a game, feel free to contact us- Gamify has access to graphic artists, coders, and developers to make your idea bring fun and learning to your classroom.

Playing to Learn: Learning to Play

Cognitive science tell us learning takes place at a deeper and more meaningful level the more a student enjoys the process. At Gamify inc., we are bringing the fun back into learning. Some students claim they don't even realize they are studying when they play our games- everyone wins, gone are the days that learning must be a task!