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Welcome to the Gamify website where you can log in to play your game online. This is a web-based game and that means you can play from virtually any desktop or Laptop system. Currently the games do not run on Mobile devices (by design). Since the games are web-based, you can play from any computer and switch up your locations. You can play at home, at the library, your friends' computer etc.

Getting Started

  1. Purchase a valid authentication key code at your college bookstore, they are one time use only.
  2. Create and account on the registration page, enter your key code to gain access to your game.
  3. Start your game and make sure to save your progress.
  4. When you come back to play again you will simply log in on the log in page, you do not need to register again.

Playing to learn.
Learning to play.

Why assign a task when you can let them play? Why not turn your class from a “drag” to something fun and engaging, meeting the millennial generation on their cultural context?

Are you a teacher?

Gamify™ is a company founded by educators for educators. The guiding principal to Gamify™ is to enable your students to immerse themselves in an interactive experience of your curriculum.